"Hi There You There"The internet home of Australian broadcaster
Ian Davidson AKA Ian Damon “The Wombat”


Hi there, you there!

A warm welcome to my website where I would like to tell you a little bit about my life in radio which I hope you will find interesting.

At this moment it is a “work in progress” but I hope to have many pictures and sound clips to help tell the story.

Keep tuned for further details!





As heard on 2LF Young, 2RG Griffith, Big L – Radio London, BBC Radio 2, 3BO Bendigo, 2CH Sydney, 2SM Sydney, 2WL Wollongong, WIN4 TV, 4TO Townsville, Capital Radio 194 London, Pennine Radio Bradford, Blue Danube Radio Vienna, LBC London, Essex Radio, Radio Mercury, County Sound Guidford, Radio 210 Reading, Delta FM, Wey Valley Radio, County Sound Gold, Premier FM, Big L 1395, Pirate BBC Essex and many other great radio stations around the world!