Back to Aus

After the closure of the offshore stations in the UK and a little bit of work on the BBC on Radio 2, I returned to Australia for 5 years awaiting the start of of independent radio in the UK.

First station back down under in 1968 was 3BO in Bendigo, Victoria. I switched back to Ian Davidson, as in reality keeping my British offshore name didn’t really make sense as nobody knew me as that in Australia anyway.

Here is a clip of my last show at 3BO (taken straight from the panel). Yes I very may well have borrowed some Big L Jingles from the reel I made on the last night I was on the Galaxy copying all the on air carts in studio 2 one by one…


After this I was off to be the breakfast announcer at 2WL in Wollongong, NSW – 50 miles from Sydney.

I also did some announcing on WIN-4 TV in the city, eventually moving to be full time there. During this time remember having to be the standby guy in full make up and suit when the moon landing was taking place in case it fell off air! Sadly (or thankfully depending on your point of view) no film of me doing work to camera exists today!

Next was back up to Sydney to work for the Macquarie Network and to be a member of the “Snob Mob” at 2CH reading the news, doing some some overnights and hosting the Sunday stream of programmes.

Here is a quick snippet of me reading the news and my last ‘midnight to yawn’ programme:


Was then asked to head up to North Queensland and the state’s second city Townsville, to be the breakfast announcer at 4TO.