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In 1957 I moved to 2LF Young NSW as breakfast announcer.

2LF publicity postcard - 1958
2LF publicity postcard – 1958

During this time I programmed the “Top 40” and was responsible for purchasing records for the station’s library.

2LF publicity shot - 8th Febuary 1960
2LF publicity shot – 8th Febuary 1960

I uncovered some audio on reel to reel a few years ago, which given it is now 60 years old is amazing that it still sounds as good as it does!

In 1961 I decided like most Australians to go overseas – to see the world! Subsequently I travelled all over Europe, Canada and parts of the States.

I met my wife Janice whilst in Canada and we returned to England to get married in 1963. Commercial radio was not on the horizon at this stage so I turned to commerce whilst “keeping my hand in” by broadcasting on hospital radio.